Personal Leadership™: From Intention to Impact

Location: Posner Center for International Development
1031 33rd Street
Denver, Colorado 80205
Time: January 29th, 1:00-4:00
Posner Center Happy Hour to follow at 4:00pm. Open to tenants, members, and workshop participants.


Workshop Description

What would your life be like if you knew exactly what to do when you got stuck in your work? What if a simple way of observing yourself could move you through it?  And what if that shift is what could reliably move good intentions into real impact?

When we work in different countries with people from different cultures, frustration, miscommunication and overwhelm are highly likely if not guaranteed. Whether working on a team with clashing values, facing the option of unilateral decision to meet deadlines, or not knowing how to communicate about a difficult issue, we all have had the experience of freezing up inside and not knowing how to proceed. Left unattended, this can lead to festering conflict, broken trust, poor decisions, wasteful investments, and lack of sleep.

In this Toolbox, you will learn a self-coaching process that will bridge the gap between cross-cultural knowledge and true cross-cultural competence. When used, it deepens your capacity to build powerful interpersonal relationships with people from a broad variety of cultural backgrounds and leverage the potential that exists when you are faced with the new and unfamiliar – be it in the form of a person, a place or a project. Personal Leadership™ focuses on taking leadership of our personal experience when working with people and conditions we don’t understand.  In this Toolbox you will learn this approach and have an opportunity to practice, and discover how you can make a world of difference.

Presented by Emily Braucher, CEO of ReFresh Communication

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Who is giving this training?

This workshop will be facilitated by ReFresh’s Founder and CEO, Emily Braucher. Emily has lived, worked, traveled and researched in over 30 countries. With over a decade of experience giving communication trainings, Emily’s experience helps bring this material to life and ground in a connection to you your work. Take a look at Emily Braucher’s latest article, Trust: Overlooked and Undervalued and interview, In Building Trust, Self-Awareness is Key.

Email Emily ( to receive a free copy of a webniar Emily gave in August: 5 Cross-Cultural Mistakes You Make Everyday & What To Do About Them.

Is this for me?

This workshop is designed for professionals from a range of sectors who work with people from different cultures.

What will this cost us?

Failing to equip yourself with the tools and awareness to navigate unknown situations issues can cost you countless productive hours, leave you with stress you take home at night, and create a need to constantly re-do work. In terms of this workshop, the investment is $29 for Posner members, $49 for non-members.