We often get stuck trying to understand the seemingly illogical behaviors of the people we work with. We yearn to feel a sense of accomplishment, only to show up each day and encounter seemingly inexplicable barriers to productivity. ReFresh works with your team to demystify confusing communication and equip your team with the tools to excel.

Emily’s nuanced understanding of culture was very impressive, as well as truly helpful. I am now able to give constructive feedback better, without making my international team feel like it’s criticism, and without softening it unnecessarily

– Yingzhao Liu, LinkedIn China

ReFresh’s Comprehensive Communication Interventions

It is not uncommon that a team made up of people living around the globe is tasked to collaborate on a project and end up wasting time and money attempting to navigate confusing communication. Team members doubt whether they can trust each other, and spend valuable time worrying about the implications of unmet deadlines and wasteful investments instead of engaging in productive collaboration. Exasperation and disappointment in the lack of support they feel from colleagues drains their energy and willingness to continue working as a team.

The coaching and training included in ReFresh’s Cross-Cultural Solutions program gives your team the opportunity unleash their collective potential. They can finally feel the satisfaction they desire and the results you need by learning to predict and successfully adapt to costly miscommunications.

New communication skills empower you to:

  • discover the logic behind confusing communication so that your team can work effectively and efficiently together
  • be freed from puzzling misunderstandings
  • work through confusing expectations so each team member can achieve their goals
  • stop wasting time worrying about challenging team dynamics so they can focus on the work that matters
  • become a more creative problem-solver so they can adapt to new teams with flexibility and ease

The  Cross-Cultural Solutions program features a comprehensive curriculum which can be delivered to an entire team or tailored for individualized coaching. We work with you to identify your unique pain points and design a custom program. This is delivered over the course of several months as ongoing support is an integral feature of lasting change.

Calling upon well-documented approaches to adult training, ReFresh’s facilitators create a safe and fun environment for participants to explore the intellectual concepts, emotions, applied experiences, and potential cognitive blocks associated with cross-cultural work. Depending on your company’s requests, we creatively assess language, content and training location considerations.

Emily has a special gift for making the mundane appealing and applicable. I have used several of the techniques I learned from her to resolve conflict to deal with interpersonal conflicts of my team

– Regina Kruglyak, DMax Engineering

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